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Translating the RavensEye Brand Across Channels


My Roles

UX Writing Lead, Product Manager, Designer


4 UX Designers


16 Days

Overview provides an accessibility SaaS solution to e-commerce retailers, giving their end-users with visual impairments/blindness full access. Through General Assembly, I worked on a team of 4 designers to help RavensEye redesign their website and create a UI for their product dashboard. For this project, I focused exclusively on UX Writing and Product Design. The majority of research was completed by my teammates. My teammates also completed the website design while I provided copy. I sketched, designed, wireframed, and prototyped the product dashboard UI, receiving assistance with aesthetics from a teammate.


Refining user-facing copy to properly represent brand's product and identity. Create a visually appealing, usable dashboard UI


  • The brand's current website is unclear and unoptimized. Users are confused as to the brand's product offerings. 

  • Translating complex concepts into a visual UI in the product dashboard


  • Clear, user-centered copy that properly situates brand identity and conveys product use-cases

  • Functional UI design that accounts for user goals and needs


  • Affinity Mapping

  • Personas

  • Secondary Research

  • Wireframing

  • Sketching

  • User Testing


  • Figma

  • Paper + Pens

  • Miro

  • inDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Zoom


A Starting Point

Copy Assessment + Initial Research

I initially reviewed each unique copy instance on the existing website. These insights were combined with those gathered from teammate's user interviews and initial usability tests.

Key Insights

  • Users were unable to determine the website's product offering

  • Grammatical errors throughout

  • The overall content of copy was powerful but obscured by an unclear, muddled writing style

  • The majority of sections were overwritten, reducing length would improve clarity

  • Language differentiating SaaS product and services did not provide proper clarity

Finding Our Audience

Persona + Planning

We identified further trends within our initial research to develop Ashley, our persona. This was an important step as Ashely represents not only the target user for RavensEye's primary website, but also the primary user for the product's dashboard. Having a clearly defined audience in mind allowed me to tailor all copy specifically and intentionally.

Component 8.png


Providing Clarity 

Content Strategy + Copy Rewrites

As my teammates developed an updated website design, I began strategizing copy placement and messaging. Marketing copy was designed to never emphasize compliance as a selling point.

  • Users were unable to articulate the brand's product, services, or overall benefit during initial testing.

  • Following my revisions, all users tested were able to fully articulate the brand's product offering and how it could impact their business.

Original Landing Page Header Copy

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 5.35.51 PM.png

Updated Landing Page Header Copy

Component 1.png

Users were initially unsure of the product being offered, and bulleted purchase motivators were not providing clarity. Instead of focusing user's immediate attention on value-add for their business, I instead wanted them to grasp the context necessary for fully understanding the product's business impact.

Original Product Page Header Copy

Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 5.55.16 PM.png

Updated Product Page Header Copy 


The original copy was focused on the product's business impact without properly explaining the product's actual use or context. I provided this context while still offering strong purchase motivators towards business impact.


Translating Concepts Through Design

Information Architecture + Design

While providing copy for the primary website, I began translating the product dashboard's concept into visuals. As no representations existed, I was working solely off the creator's description. Moving through sketches and wireframes, I developed a clickable prototype.

Prototype Goals:

  • Clear navigation

  • Ease of use for multiple user types

  • Intuitive informational hierarchy

Home page on user's initial login.

01.1 Home_Page_FirstLaunch_HiFi.png

Template Management Page

04 Templates_Page.png

Portion of product page with activated navigation menu

02 ManageDescriptions_Page.png

Onboarding page detailing product use. (Graphics designed by teammate)

07 Onboarding_Page.png

A Visualized Concept

Prototype Walkthrough


Planning For The Future

Usability Testing Plan + Goals

Due to time constraints of my team's General Assembly course, we were unable to implement a usability testing cycle for the product dashboard. To compensate, we provided our client with a usability test plan, annotated to provide full context.


  • Validate menu + navigation design

  • Validate onboarding

  • Identify areas for improvement


A Realized Brand Identity

Reflection + Next Steps

Our website redesign brought the RavensEye brand identity to the forefront while clarifying product offerings. Users were able to clearly articulate the use and benefits of the RavensEye product after interacting with our redesigned site. The product dashboard interface was a major step forward in launching RavensEye's product, and I'm grateful to have contributed. I'm thankful to have participated in this project and gained:

  • Product Management experience

  • Content Strategy experience

  • Team Management experience

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