Recent Work

I was one of three lead editors and copywriters for a plans book prepared for the NSAC. The client for the year in which we competed was Snapple. I spent many hours refining sentence structure, word choice, as well as the overall tone and voice of the document.

Snapple Plans Book
Conceptual PR Plan

During a summer offering of Public Relations, I was tasked with creating a conceptual PR plan for a brand of my choosing. I naturally chose my favorite local clothing brand, Bodega. Their overall brand identity is quite unique and offered a challenge in preparing a PR plan that helped the brand while not taking away from it.

In this writing, I delve into the director Woody Allen's Jewish Identity and how it is represented in his work. As someone of Jewish heritage, the cultural and ethnic depictions of Jewish Identity have always interested me, while also being a point of confusion.

In this writing I discuss the concept of Breaking the 4th Wall within video games. I look into the history as well as the ways in which it impacts the medium

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